Audio Stencils for Visio®

Looking for audio stencils to plan stage or soundbooth gear placement? Want a professional look to your design drawings? Then buy our audio stencils for Visio®!

Audio Equipment, Top View Audio Equipment, Front View

Here's an example of the drawing template, scale size = 1/2 inch per foot:

Audio Drawing

Beyond just soundbooth audio equipment, there are also stencils for speakers, drums, mics, stands. There are even stencils for the front views of racks that you can drag rack-mounted effects into!

rack_w_effects 48 channel mixer

Above you can see the complete set of audio equipment that comes on the stencils. These come to you as two Visio® stencil files for a total of 61 stencils. hese are delivered via email within 48 hours, all for the very affordable price of $9.95.

Price and Ordering Information:

buy now Audio Stencils for Visio® $9.95