Adventures in VL70m Voice Editing for Wind Control

I re-un-mothballed the VL70-m at the end of October and hauled out the old Mac. It’s a Mac Performa 6360 with OS8.x I bought around 2007-2008 from a local guy. I intended to use the Mac to run the VL editors and Sound Diver (old JV-1010), but I never had a real need or inclination to fiddle with it.

I finally got the Mac talking to the VL70-m and JV-1010, but the Mac kept locking up while I was dumping patches to it. It was OK in 1996, but today, a 160MHz processor, 80Megs of RAM, and a 1.2G HDD make it a real stone. I decided I should go ahead and do what I’ve been postponing for years, and sunk $60 into a Roland/Cakewalk dual USB MIDI interface, and another $34 into an update of the PG Music PowerTracks Pro sequencer, and installed all on my old laptop. This is a circa-2002 1.8GHz AMD machine with Win XP Home — still not a rocket sled, but significantly newer than the Mac. I also dug up all the VL patch files I had accumulated in the 1990’s, as well as the VL Visual Editor and the Expert Editor.

I’ve was able to locate a few patches among the many, and tweaked them to suit. This required re-navigating the VL learning curve, but I feel good there — I must not be senile yet as it all came back in a few hours. I need a good trumpet, violin, flute, cello, clarinet, oboe, and recorder for church. Between all the available resources, I think those I have in the VL now are better than the stock VL sounds, and are about as good as any on my usual wind rig, the Roland JV-880, just different.  Tomorrow, I’m going to take the VL to church to see whether it sounds as good in a “real gig” as it does while editing sounds.

The other thing I tried was to install the PC-version of Sound Diver on the laptop and see if it works. If memory serves, the old version 2.0 that came on the CD won’t work with XP, but I have a later version I downloaded years ago that is supposed to be XP compatible.

The XP+Sound Diver experiment seemed to go better than I anticipated. I was able to get versions from both the original Roland CD and the update download working on the laptop with Roland MIDI interface. Apparently, there was something else in my past endeavors, which I now suspect was trying to get Sound Diver AND the RS-232 to 8-pin serial adapter cable with driver software going under XP.

By the way, it’s truly a shame what happened with the 1010. It’s a decent little synth, but eMagic (the Sound Diver boys) were bought by Apple, and among the first things they did was to kill the PC apps. The 1010 can’t be edited except with an old computer and OS unless you look around and spend more $$$ (and maybe not then).

I’ll keep you posted after I try the VL in church.

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2 Responses to Adventures in VL70m Voice Editing for Wind Control

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  2. Art says:

    I just wish I understood how to navigate Sound Diver better. The voice navigation is challenging for me.