Amplifier Loudness vs. Knobs

Regarding ArtW’s post “Babbling About Amplifiers”:

I was going to include a note that even the resistance taper on volume controls can give the impression an amp is really hot, or a slug. I once had an Ampeg bass amp that had a quirk that prompted me to call Ampeg. They explained the great volume control war between Fender and Ampeg, i.e., “My Fender amp is a whole lot louder at a setting of “4” than you Ampeg at “8”. Output was 2 x 6L6’s in both.

Ampeg says, “OK, we can fix that” and changed the taper of the volume control to match. Instant perception the Ampeg was 2x as loud as before, even though the max power output was unchanged.  Even now, I see this with my little 50W/ch Roland amp as compared to the 60W/ch Samson. A difference of 10W is probably on the verge of being unnoticeable, but the Roland seems louder. Actually, it just gets louder quicker.

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