Bob Norton Wind Synth Gig Rig Update

From the editor:  Our good friend Bob Norton has updated his wind synth “Gig Rig”.  Ever searching for a lighter rack while still providing full equipment redundancy, Bob has switched to powered speakers, and took the amps out of his rack.  Even if one powered speaker goes down, he can still keep the gig going with just one.  And you can see from his rack that there are two VL70m synths for his WX5, and other duplicates. 

From Bob Norton:

New powered speakers are working well, and the shortened rack is also nice.  Here is a picture of the old gig rig — all the wires plug in front. The jumpers on the power amp (bottom) are in the “road position”, they get plugged into the rack plate at the bottom of the large rack just above.


Old Gig Rig


Here is a picture of the new — everything still gets plugged into the front. I don’t need to remove the back of the case unless there is trouble. The blue wire in the rack plate near the top is USB to get plugged into the computer. The holes are for jacks, but I punched them all out for ventilation.

I use 11 out of the 12 channels on the mix. Leilani’s mic, my mic, Leilani’s guitar, my guitar, VL#1, VL#2, TX, blank, Aux Mic (for clients use), SC55 for Leilani’s synth, and two channels for my backing tracks. I pan the backing tracks both center, but the left has the bass and drums on it, the right the comp, so I can pump up the bass/drums if need be.


New Gig Rig


And the back of the rack — everything is tagged so if I need to service a module, I don’t have to wonder “Where does this wire go?”. The ty-wrapped bundle on the bottom is AC power cords. A couple of wall warts are also Velcro fastened to the bottom of the rack.


New Gig Rig – Back


Anyway, I thought you’d be interested.

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