LED Underwear

Ok, we like lighting technology.  And sure, we’ve all seen light up hats, dresses, pants, vests, and ties.  But here’s a twist we didn’t anticipate: the LED accented underwear.  And they even have snowflake designs!  Put this on a wind synth player and you would truly have an electric performance!


And for the men, we also found this with comments on their website….

Sometimes, a client will call with us with an idea, warning us that it might be “the strangest thing we’ve ever heard.” Nothing shocks us anymore, but this project probably ranks in our top 5 for amusing and unusual custom orders.

Behold, a pair of men’s briefs with built-in multi-color signaling lights!

This piece was commissioned for use at an underwear party – it may be a bit ahead of its time for the mainstream fashion world.

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One Response to LED Underwear

  1. Mardou says:

    I can envision the light-up underpants flashing red..danger, danger, don’t go near, or perhaps you could program them in a chase pattern, round and round, or perhaps a big flashing heart-shape…very silly!