Lighting Design Guides

Over the years we’ve written a number of “how to” guides for lighting novices, students, and their advisers.  We’ve now published most of these as whitepapers up on the WindWorks Design website.

There are  some advanced topics specific to programming consoles (Martin’s Light Jockey, NSI’s MLC-16), but the basic materials such as “Basic Steps to Theatre Lighting Design”, “Introduction to Lighting Equipment”, and “Managing Student Based Lighting Designs” may be most applicable to teachers and students.  Oh yea, the “Fog and Strobe Warning” sign is up there too.
URL for all white papers ==>

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One Response to Lighting Design Guides

  1. Elise Walker says:

    Hello! Thanks for the whitepapers. I am glad that you are sharing this information with light design newbies like me.