Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Just discovered an interesting music group called Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  They are an interesting combination of world music, newage, and classical.  One particular tune caught on in our shop – “Perpetuum Mobile” from their Preludes Airs and Yodels album.   It starts a slowly, it builds into a forward moving piece that is nicely captivating and drives forward as if on autopilot; that’s the “perpetuum” part I suppose.  It’s an interesting and nice tune to my ears.

Finding a good link is difficult, as the website doesn’t have any obvious music samples – or at least none that I could easily find.  But this group is worth a few minutes to locates some samples.  iTunes has some of their albums, as well as YouTube.  Here’s a link to a performance on YouTube of “Perpetuum Mobile that I like.

I hope you enjoy this.  We did!

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