Sad News – Mark Amundson passes


It’s with a heavy heart that I share with you the death of Mark Amundson.  He was the technical editor and columnist at Front of House (FOH) magazine.  His articles were written in a folksy, readable style, yet were very technically accurate, concise, and to the point.  I especially enjoyed his thoughts on AC Power, DIY Distros, cables, and hauling equipment.  His articles were always from the perspective of a technically knowledgeable person who had worked his way up from novice beginnings.  He could relate to all of us with tales of carting orange cords in boxes up and finally moving up to SOOW cables in quality road cases.  He could cite the National Electric Code, but in a way that wasn’t boring and didn’t make you feel stupid.


The breaking PLSN news said Mr.  Amundson died from complications after surgery on Sept 4th.  He was said to be a devoted husband, passionate about audio and electronics, and played music in local gigs.  He was 49.


Sorry that I’ve never personally met Mark, but his wonderful articles and wisdom will be missed.  My personal and heartfelt prayers go out to his friends and family.





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One Response to Sad News – Mark Amundson passes

  1. Mike Amundson says:


    On behalf of the entire Amundson family, thank you for your kind comments. Mark had a deep passion for audio and took joy in the many friends he met and touched through these “channels.” It was much more than an avocation for him and I know many of you share that same passion. Keep reaching for that great sound!

    Regards, Mike Amundson (Mark’s brother)