V-Machine Stand Alone VST Player

Our UK engineer, Graham, found this new product from SM Pro Audio – It’s a stand alone VST player. We haven’t had a chance to look at this or play with one yet, but the implications are clear, as you can now carry VST plug-ins with you in a small portable format without needing a complete PC coming along. Imagine just plugging this into your wind synth or keyboard rig. We think you will agree this is most cool!!

Here’s a blurb from SM Pro Audio’s website:

The V-Machine is a compact VST/VSTi hardware playback module built for performance keyboard players and DJ’s. It is one little beast that can’t be underestimated once loaded up with your favorite VST instrument and effect plug-ins. Take your plug-ins on the road or into the studio and access them live without a computer. Multiple plug-ins can be pre-loaded into bank/preset memories for immediate access. Combine VST and VSTi plug-ins into chains, splits, and layers to create extremely rich and unique sounds. Full external MIDI controller support allows users access to available loaded plug-in parameter controls such as virtual dials, switches, and faders.

Quoting our lead software engineer, Bob Smith:

That’s amazing – that means there has to be a VST engine under the hood of that dude… a non-trivial effort!!

Check out their other products too, such as V-Pedal and V-Rack.  We are V-envious!!!

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