Wireless Mic Frequencies

With the ever changing legal landscape around available wireless frequencies for wireless microphones and related entertainment support wireless, here’s the most concise summary I have been able to glean from various articles in trade publications and the FCC.  Please email us if you think differently.

This will be of benefit to both musicians and audio professionals.


Any frequencies below  698MHz and above 806MHz.

first UHF TV channel frequency below TV channel 37* in your location (channel 36 is 603.25MHz-607.75MHz)

first UHF TV channel frequency above TV channel 37* in  your location (channel 38 is 615.25MHz-619.75MHz)

VHF TV channels 5 and 6   76MHz – 88MHz (also know and TV low band)

VHF TV channels 7 through 13   174MHz – 216MHz  (also known as TV high band)

* channel 37 is 608MHz – 614 MHz and is reserved for radio astronomy

** for more information, go to the FCC website at:


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