Zoë Keating – Live cello layered via PC

Here’s an interesting musician named Zoë Keating.  She’s a classically trained cello player who plays solo works of her own composition.  Her live playing is supported significantly with layers from a PC that’s sampling her music.  These live sample loops are activated via various footpedals.  I first heard her on WNYC’s “RadioLab” program “War of the Worlds” where she provided the soundtrack.  After that, WNYC produced a special RadioLab podcast specifically about Zoë Keating’s music for War of the Worlds.  That podcast is called:  WNYC’s Radio Lab: Quantum Cello. Looking at her website, her movie soundtrack list is long and impressive.



Quoting from Ms. Keating’s website:

One Cello x 16, is an ongoing project in which I layer the natural sound of the cello to create multi-layered music.

To accomplish this, the cello is captured through a combination of microphones and pickups attached to the body of the instrument. I record in real-time using a foot-controlled computer that runs various bits of software.

Although by necessity I must use a fair amount of technology to realize the music in a live setting, I try to keep this technology as unobtrusive as possible. During a performance, the arrangement of the just-recorded parts I can control with my feet so that I am free to play the cello.


I hope you enjoy this music that’s a mix of classical, newage, and electronica.

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