ComClone (part 2) – shop built intercom interface

Comclone enclosed full view (sm)





Previously I described how I used Richard Crowley’s Comclone, to build two of my own shop built intercom.  For details about the project, see our blog posting

Comclone – shop built intercom interface

Now to build a front panel and package the intercom.  Instead of the original plastic housing shown in the first blog entry, I instead used a Leviton Wiremold extra deep 3-gang electrical switch housing.  This exactly matches the housing I used for two commercial Production Intercom wall-mount style intercom boxes.  Those PI wall-mount plates came from a great score on eBay, and it’s very easy to use the Leviton Wiremold 3-gang box as a desktop unit or mounted next to a spotlight.  The downside of the 3-gang extra deep box is that it’s expensive new ($20-ish) and not easy to find used.

So for my own Comclone units, I made aluminum panels to fit the Leviton 3-gang boxes, and followed (somewhat) the Production Intercom panel layout.  Here is the result (1 of 2 units shown here).  Don’t let that little LED fool you.  It’s a very bright yellow that will get your attention backstage or on the FOH table.

Comclone enclosed front face (sm)










First trial on the bench (after board level tests in the theater) were successful, but first “all done” trial again in the theater ended up with a burned out earpiece opamp.  Fortunately, all IC’s were socketed, so a replacement was easily installed.

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