Dummy Batteries for a WX5 – making it feel more like a sax

We had a client named JD Smith (TracesOfGold.com) who wanted his WX5 to have a little more heft and weight to allow for easier transition back and forth from his WX5 to his saxophones. Here’s what he came up with. It’s a simple, low cost, and elegant solution.  Quoting JD:

Question, can I use the so called Dummy Batteries to give the wx5 the weight lost by removing the batteries. I prefer to not leave them in as the might corrode and make a mess.

 [Art responded that dummy batteries probably have no substantial weight since they are likely to be plastic or cardboard inside a plastic shell.]

 I just went to Lowes and bought a length of 3/8 steel rod I am going to cut an put heat shrink tubing on each dummy battery. I’ll send you a pick and share the results.

C ost $5.78 for 3/8 steel rod from Lowes

18″ 1/2 heat shrink tubing

metal rod and shrink tubing and reference AAA battery

Cut the rod into lengths to approximate length of the batteries less the ‘bump’ at the + end.  Cut 3″ length of heat shrink tubing

tubing with metal rod inserted proir to shrinking

Insert rod into tubing. Use some wd40 as it is a tight fit

shrunk tubing around metal rod piece

Use heat to shrink the ends

dummy batteries ready to go

Snip off the ends leaving about 1/8″

WX5 battery compartment

Insert into WX5

The instrument now weighs 1.7 pounds. A very nice comfortable feel. I am constantly switching between wx, alto, and tenor sax.

JD Smith

Traces Of Gold Rock ‘n Roll

From the ’50s, ’60s, & ’70s


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