Kmart Gentouch 78 Tablet Computer

Multiple reports say that Kmart has begun selling a tablet computer in the southern US called the Gentouch 78.  It’s made by Augen.  There’s no reference to it yet on Kmart’s website, and we haven’t seen one yet to know just what the specs are.  But if you are looking for the lower end alternative to Apple’s iPad, here is what seems to be the very first genuine offering.  Pix below linked from: tablets-planet, but we’ve seen many references from many other blogs and web sites.


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2 Responses to Kmart Gentouch 78 Tablet Computer

  1. Mardou says:

    At first glance, I thought “excellent”, but after reading the reviews, apparently the processing is fairly slow. That website has more news about other companies releasing similar products to give Apple a run for their $.

  2. artw says:

    Since this post, I’ve learned the Augen cannot load standard Android apps. Without the universe of Android apps, it’s pretty crippled. Not sure why – something in a TWIT episode about Augen not being formal members of the Android developers group (or something like that).