Lighting Class Project – Jeremy Dominik

A note from our friend Jeremy Dominik:

Thought you would enjoy one of my class projects from grad school. The moving light programming class I’m in once a year puts on a show called BAMM, which is basically an excuse to get a ton of gear in the air and put on pretty moving light show for the college (and the donors). I had 4 hrs to program on a Hog IPC plus an hour the day before the show to tweak cues. It brought back memories of making moving light shows on the MLC 16 with some Roboscans, and in that spirit I threw in the “robo trash effect” for good measure.    🙂

This year we gear wise we got loaned (4) Clay Paky sharpys, (4) Clay Paky Aleda B eyes (probably one of the coolest fixtures I have ever used), (6) Phillips SL 510 Nitro led strobes (again, one heck of a fixture, probably 3x as bright as an atomic) , (4) Phillips SL bar 520 led’s, (4) Chauvet nexus panels, (16) colorado 2 zooms. And then we brought out from CCM’s own inventory (5) VL 880’s, (8) VL 2500 Wash, (2) Vl 3500’s, (2) VL1100AS, (3) Mac250 kryptons, and (8) ETC selador vivid R led’s.


JEREMY from jeremy dominik on Vimeo.

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