Lycian Spotlight Repair – Brass Paper Fastener shorting the light

Lycean Spotlight

A few weeks ago we were asked to repair a Lycian HP Midget follow spot (model 1209).  The spot stopped igniting (starting the arc) more than a year ago, although one person did say it worked once after being sidelined.

Lycean Spotlight brass fastners on boomerang

After we unloaded the spot and brought it into the shop, it worked perfectly.  But we heard loose parts inside.  After investigating, we found 3 brass paper fasteners used to hold gels in the boomerang loose inside the main electronics compartment.  One was stuck under the main circuit board (probably the one shorting out the starting circuit prior to transport), one got stuck under a transformer body, and one as loose in the bottom compartment sliding as you tip the spot up and down.  There was a dead bee too.  Oh yea, we found a 4th brass paper fastener in the back of the Vibe we used to pick up the follow spot.

While we can’t say definitively that the metal paper fasteners were the true root cause, but since there was one stuck under the circuit board, that’s the only logical conclusion.  We have now run the spotlight for 3-4 hours, with about 20 start cycles and no issues.

Lycean Spotlight boomerang out

Looking at the spot construction, there is a blower fan right under the gel boomerang to keep the gels cool.  It’s not a large opening (see photo below), but with 3 of the paper fasteners in the lower electronic housing, the blower opening is probably the only way they got there (that we could see).  There’s no screen of any type over the blower opening.

Lycean Spotlight fan opening

While the removal of the brass paper fasteners is seemingly simple, removal of the lower electronics enclosure was not easy.  It took two of us to do it, and the lamp wires needed to remain connected.  Perhaps we missed something, but it did seem harder than it should be.

Lycean Spotlight back

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