“Macbeth” at Harley School

WindWorks Design just finished lighting for “Macbeth” at the Harley School in Brighton, NY.  The setting was post apocalyptic and had a lot of rusted, grungy set pieces including an old scaffolding, translucent drops, and a rusted out snowmobile.  The snowmobile was also the centerpiece for the 3 witches mixing up their famous “Double, double toil and trouble” brew.

Macbeth crowned

For the lighting design, it was a mix of the existing fixed lights, with 10 moving lights, one Atomic 3000 strobe, and 6 LED fixtures.   Extensive use of saturated colors, projected gobos, and non-uniform lighting angles were primary elements of the design.  We also used chaotic light movement during scene changes. The moving lights were run via Light Jockey software, an ETC Express ran the fixed lights, and sound cues were managed with “Harvest Sounds” tool previously reviewed in this blog.

Castle guard

It was a great experience for all involved, and the student acting was exceptional.  Sadly, it’s now over, and “what’s done is done”.

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One Response to “Macbeth” at Harley School

  1. gertjan says:

    Shouldn’t that be The Scottish Play? 🙂 Doesn’t really matter now that it’s done though…