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Did you know that one of our staff at WindWorks Design is also a book publisher?  Yes, MR Case is the owner of Red Petal Press and she has just published the 4th book in the MacMaster Chronicles, written by Jason Lord Case.  Here’s the press release from Red Petal Press.

MR Case has been a very long time supporter of WindWorks Design, working as our shipping manager, collaborator, and source of inspiration.  So it’s only fitting that we return the favors and help her sell some books.  I’ve personally read all 4 books in the MacMaster Chronicles series.  They are terrific action adventure books, affordably priced, and available from most major retailers.  Check them out.  They make terrific holiday gifts.

Here’s the press release:

“The Case Of The Persian Plague”, Book 4 of The MacMaster Chronicles, by Jason Lord Case is officially released and available.

Yippee (imagine horns tooting, people clapping and yelling with glee)!!
Getting a book ready to publish is a tremendous amount of work, but we are very pleased with the result.

And so, on that note, here’s my marketing and sales plug:
Get your copy of “The Case Of The Persian Plague” today.
It’s available both in Paperback, and in digital E-book. for both paperback and Kindle e-book
Smashwords for ebooks in all formats
CreateSpace for paperback
And of course at Red Petal Press where you can order an author-signed copy, or a DRM-free e-copy in all popular formats. (We also have the lowest price on paperback, at least for right now.)

Perhaps you had a chance to read the Red Petal Press blog that hopefully answered your questions about e-readers and e-books. Our ebooks are less than $5. Check one out today.  (Don’t forget that a portion of e-book sales goes to help Animal Services, Red Petal Press’s goodwill for 2011.)

Please forward this email on to your friends who are readers. Our tiny company can use all of the good exposure possible.

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