Reader’s Question – Setup of Akai USB-EWI


The following question was asked by a novice user of the Akai USB-EWI.  Anyone out there who can answer this fellow’s question?

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I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction please?

I have just bought the Akai USB Wind Controller and have installed the Garritan Aria software that comes with it onto my laptop.

In the software the setup controls are all set to “zeros” for all parameters (Breath gain, bite gain, bite ac gain, pitch bend gain, key delay)

The controller config settings are all set to “off” (Breath CC1, Breath cc2, Bite CC1, Bite cc2 etc)

Despite having a play with the above settings….the sound/response I get is pretty rubbish.

Would you have an idea of some basic settings that would get me up and running? Or do you know of any help groups that I could approach?

Many thanks for your help
London UK

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