Tiny Fogger prop to make “steam”

For a production of Cinderella this past winter, we were asked to create a teapot on stage that had visible “steam” coming out of it. The request was that the teapot be a large style that could hang on a cast iron hook over a simulated fire, but be totally wireless so the teapot could be unhooked and taken to the table to pour the tea.

Our solution was to rent a Look Solutions Tiny Fogger from a local LD and install it inside the teapot. The teapot was actually a nice large camp coffee pot with a large spout for our fog to come out. My good friend Dave did the work to fit it all in. He positioned the fogger core using zip ties to a piece of wood attached diagonally inside the teapot. The battery was zip tied vertically inside the pot with the electrical connection pointing up so we could charge the battery in-place. The fog juice was also rigged via zip tie so we could refill if necessary. The wireless receiver (part of the Tiny Fogger) was attached so the antenna could hang out the lid of the pot.

The fireplace was also running on batteries, but since it was on a rolling flat, we were able to easily rig a pair of 12V sealed lead-acid batteries to power the flame pots attached behind some charred wood setup in the fireplace. This was turned on by a stagehand hiding behind the flat as it rolled out. To facilitate the fire growing brighter when Cinderella poked the fire, we rigged a decora-style light switch where the actress could poke it with the fireplace poker. It worked perfectly.

All of this worked perfectly. The wireless teapot transmitter was able to work over 150′ (50m) away flawlessly for each performance. Everyone was delighted at this small bit of theater magic.

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