VL70-Wizard: a new programming interface (part 1 of 2)

Rudy Verpaele has “developed a new advanced VL70m editor – librarian – effect editor” that he calls VL70-Wizard or VL-Wiz. 
Vl-Wiz copy
It has been in beta for a long time but now he’s almost reached the point for a official release.  Here’s his update sent to me:
“Hi Art

The final beta 3 has been released and yes, the next release will be a commercial release…finally…
The Beta3 did become a bit too complex for setup. This will be resolved as part of the commercial version.
VL-user can still request a copy, as long that they realise that support will be limited so I can focus on the commercial release.
Hereby an overview of the standard features:

  • Fast and direct access to an organized voice library (contains about 900 voice I did collect. Important: Some 3rd party voices are protected and not part of the VL-Wiz)
  • Ability edit voice tags and search voices based on this tag information
  • Native sysex voice format, so you can also send the voice with any kind of sysex transfer tool
  • Realtime parameter editing using 4 graphical editing modules, the Element Voice, XG Part, VL70m Effects, Tuning
  • Intelligent activation and deactivation of parameters based on the selected Voice algorithm
  • Parameter labels that correspond to the selected Voice algorithm (eg string vs pipe)
  • Ability to load Current Voice dumpout from the VL70m
  • Compatibility with PLG-VL cards (XG-VL mode)
  • Import capability for .ALL .LIB and .SYX (VL70m format only)
  • Voice Template manager (similar to the Yamaha Visual Editor)
  • Ability to store voices into the Custom + Internal Voice slot 1 to 6 of the VL70m (and in the commercial version up to 16 slots for the EX5)
  • Tooltips explaining what the advance parameter does
And these are the additional features as of beta 3;

  • Poly and Multilayer support. Editing VL-Voices across multiple VL70m & PLG VL’s
  • Quickly (re)-store a chunk of settings (eg. EQ’s, Harmonizer settings etc.) using Parameter snippet tool
  • Mapping midi controllers to VL-parameters using midi-learn
  • Play a one track midi loop while editing using the midi phrase tool
  • Sending midi reset (panic) to kill hanging notes
  • Loading & Sending VL70m effects from another voices without touching the element voice
  • A configurable sysex engine,  set interval time between sysex dumpouts and sysex bytes, handle up to 8 VL devices using their individual Device ID and Part
  • Switch your synth into VL-Mode (eg. S90, MOTIF, EX5, MU series)  by sending an initialization sysex as defined in the listbook of your synth
  • Send extra sysex data before and after each voice(s) upload
  • Select multiple midi-in and midi-out ports
  • Select the midi-in and out channel
  • Enable/disable midi-thru
  • Considerable amount of bug fixes
  • Color Schemes
  • Undo feature (doubleclick on parameter does set back its previous value)
  • Improve license key validation

It is clear that I will need to make a few video tutorial to explain the usage of all these power features but first I focus on finishing the commercial version.”

 Some Screen Shots: (click on the image to visit the blog)

b_VoiceBrowserb_InstrumentEditor b_KeyScaleManager b_Common_System

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